Narrative {Red door}

My sister and I were sitting on the couch puzzled as we didn’t know what to do. Our mum had been gone for ten years now and all she left was this note. It said the address of where she moved to but it was on the other side of the city.

Our dad had gone over seas for a job and we were at home for the weekend. ‘’It is time we find our mother’’ I said to my sister in a firm voice. I packed my bag for a long journey through the city and headed off. My sister was younger than me so I had to take care of her. We walk through the dirty streets of the city and breathe in the disgusting pollution. We see some strange people and some familiar faces.

I’m not exactly sure were we have to go find my mother but I won’t stop until I see her. Finally we past the last building and head into the country. ‘’We must have walked one million miles by now’’ my sister said in a sluggish voice. We enter a small town and are looking for Evens Street. ‘’Yes we found it!’’ I was so happy that we finally found the house.

We step up on the deck and find a huge red door and give it a big knock. I hear footsteps coming down the hallway. I see a man, a disappointed look comes to my face. In hope I ask if there is a women inside. He says no but also says that there is a woman by the name of Linda that has gone out for lunch.    ‘’Who are you? And why do you need her? He says.

‘’My name is Kegan and I can’t tell you why I need her’’

‘’Ok then, she is at pizza hut on James road’’

I thank the man and walk off quite surprised that he gave me the information of where my mum was.

We walk into the restaurant and there is only one person there. ‘’That must be her’’ my sister says. We walk over to her, our eyes meet and they are exactly the same colour. I can tell by the look on her face that she knows me. ‘’Kegan’’ she says with a confused voice. ‘’I’ve been looking for you for years now’’

‘’Why did you leave me?’’

‘’I didn’t leave you, your farther took you from me’’

My heart sank, I knew there was something up with him when he never talks to us and doesn’t tuck us in bed. He’s evil. We start walking back to her house asking each other questions when we run into my dad. My mum confronts him and tells him what a bad person he is for keeping us from her for years. My dad storm off and I’m not what’s going on, then my mum walks over and guides us to her house. All she says to us is that we won’t be seeing my dad for a long time. I was upset but happy at the same time because our dad never really cared about us so I can start a fresh life with my mum and hope for the best.

Later that night our mum makes us a warm hot chocolate by the fire and then tucks us into bed. ‘’Sweet dreams’’ she says. And sure enough that’s exactly what I do.





Loud and upbeat right on my feet, the atmospheres lit out on the street.

The sound of the music, the smell of the food, everyone dancing and in a good mood.

Australia’s a great , so don’t screw up your face, and remember don’t go dancing without doing up your lace.


”The plane is about to take off!” Yelled the kid in the row behind us. I’m so exited to see what Sydney is like. after a long trip of listening to music and hearing the kid cry about why he didn’t get the window side we finally arrived. As we got off the plane it was hot, compared to Melbourne it was like a desert. once we got in our taxi I was going crazy. I had never seen the opera house in person, we get out the taxi and bang we are there. it was so amazing to see it for the first time and it was only the start of the trip.

poem about me

I am the footballer who loves the game

I am the baller who lost the grand final

I am the brother who annoys his sister

I am the son who plays footy with his dad

I am the Australian that is as Aussie as you could get

I am Ollie




100 WC {So what lies ahead of…}

So what lies ahead of my life is unpredictable. No path to be taken, no road to go down. I guess now the meaning of like is to just go where the wind takes you. More and more options pop into my head but I am so overwhelmed by all the destruction around me I am baffled. Every step I take, every polluted breath of air I breathe in the more I relies what had just happened and what is about to come. The next more i make is crucial to my survival.

100wc {picture prompt}

”Are we still going to play golf today dad?”

“Didn’t you hear what happened on the news? There’s a monster on the loose near our area so I would stay indoors sweet hears.”

”Please dad I really want to go”

”Fine but only for five holes then we are out”

As we get to he golf course and walk to the first hole i am looking around every where hoping we don’t run into the monster but right as that thought pops into my head I see two giant foot step prints in the grass ten times bigger than mine. My heart drops.


There’s no way to get out, my palms are sweating, people are yelling at me me but i’m too overwhelmed to hear what they were saying. one second i’m enjoying my time at the zoo the next i find myself in a lion den having a face off with a male lion. I see that security grads have guns pointed to the animal. I scream out ”don’t shoot” but its too late. the lion slowly collapses to the ground and i fall on my knees in shock of what i had just seen. Later that day i had found out that the gun shot was just a stun and the lion was ok.

Reading Homework “Charles”

Fiction is all about a character.

In this story the main character is Laurie and his mum. Laurie is a boy in prep and isn’t very well behaved at school but he doesn’t want him parents to know. Everyday Laurie would come home and tell him parents that Charles would get in trouble all the time but Charles was a made up person, this tell the reader that Charles is unconfident and secretive with his acts.

Fiction is all about what your character wants.   

Laurie’s mother only want best for Laurie and hopes that he is a well behaved kid. Every day after school Laurie’s mother thinks that he is a good kid but really she is being lied to.

Fiction is all about how your character gets or does not get what he or she wants.

After a few weeks into school there is a parent teacher interview and that’s when she realises that Laurie has been the one that been causing all the trouble. Her want for Laurie to behave at school says the same but in a different manner. She is also disappointed that her son had been lying to her this whole time.

Fiction is all about how your character changes.

Back to Laurie, after the first week of telling his parents that ‘’Charles’’ had been in huge trouble he realised that his parent didn’t respond well to that e decided to behave the next weeks and he became the teacher’s assistant.

Fiction is all about a world the author creates.

To me the author really painted a image in my head t the start when Laurie went to his first day at school, as Laurie’s mother said in the book ‘’My sweet voiced nursery school tot replaced by a long trousered swaggering character who forgot to stop at the corner to wave goodbye.

100 wc [But the flash made]

I wake up as if its a normal day but then look at my calendar and remember that its family photo day. I hate photos so much, I hate the fact you have to smile because i am horrible at it. I get dressed and we make our way to the photo place. My little sister hates photos too by my parents insist on doing it. As we get there i see cameras all over the place and it makes me unsettled. We got in a ground and smiled but as the flash went off I blinked. Years later i look back at the photo and everyone laughs at me.