letter to lee

hi my name is ollie and Welcome to Olivers snowboards blog, this post is going to be talking about what i would like to learn about next year and what i did on the holidays.


I am so excited for grade 5 and ready to learn about the things I need to work on. Some of the subjects I am really confident in are Maths and geography but not so confident in some like literacy and science. Even though I am happy that I am coming back to school I am also sad that we are not on holidays any more. When I heard that my teacher Lee, went to Tasmania on the holidays I was excited to tell him that I went there too and did some great stuff like climb the top of mount Wellington and did an 18 kilometre hike in the mountains. Lee stayed in a town just outside Launceston but I stayed in the capital, Hobart. The highlight of my holiday was going to Salamanca and playing giant chess. I hope everyone had a great holiday and is ready for another big year of learning.