honesty and trustworthy

  • Always be honest because it will help you in the future.
  • Honesty looks like facial expressions to tell the other person you are not lying.
  • Sometimes you have o trust people you don’t always trust.
  • Being honest means your respectful.
  • when your honest you feel good about your self.
  • If your true to your self and others know your doing something right.

Why you would value me in this classroom

Hi, my name is Ollie and i’m a hard working, committed student of 5/6B .

One thing that i think will bring to the class is leadership. I always try to fix things that are wrong or help people that look like they need it.

Another thing that i will share with the class is that i am always confident and have a go with every thing.



I am writing this application to express my interest in being a student representative council member of moonee ponds primary school.

I believe I have three good qualities to offer the school as an SRC. These qualities are respecting the environment, acknowledging others opinions and taking care of the younger students.

I will respect the environment by always picking up rubbish off the ground and telling others not to litter. I will listen to other peoples opinions and keep an open mind. I will take care of the other students in the yard by helping them if they are hurt or sad.

To be a student representative its important that you have these qualities so I would like you to consider me for the position.