Global Warming

It all started when i was in year five and we were in the most boring class learning about what we wanted to do to help the world. I wanted to do global warming and when i was eighteen achieved to pick up hundreds of glass bottles and put them in the YELLOW bin.

A part of global warming is electricity and we came up with a plan that everyone should save electricity by not leaving the lights or TV on when your not using it.

100wc #11

When the connection broke we were all in shock as we were on the the last carriage on the train. The carriage skidded on the track making a lot of sparks, then after the the carriage came to a stop we decided to out for help. But then we realized that if one person got off then all the other people would die because they were right on the edge of a cliff. They had a plan that if they all jumped at the same time the carriage would fall with nobody in it. and that what they did with no one getting hurt.


In the late 17 hundreds Britten had a lot of prisoners but had no where to put them, so they traveled around the world trying to find place where they can put their prisoners. then they found Australia and they took the first fleet over to the land with 759 on bored. they landed at Sydney cove and Arthur Phillips took in charge of the land, but it wasn’t an empty land it was a land with aborigines that had lived there for about 50,000 years. on Australia day 1988 the aborigines got together and protested that Australia day shouldn’t be a day to celebrate.


  • 759 people were on board the first fleet
  • aborigines have been around for about 50,00
  • In 1988 the aborigines protested against Australia day


  • I understand how the convicts felt when they where on the first fleet
  • I understand why the aborigines protested


  • why couldn’t the British and the aborigines work together?

100WC #10

It was the early nineteen hundreds and the three owners of  a large property came together to talk about what they were going to do with the land. After hours of talking and planing they decided to build an amusement park. the first man said ”i think there should be a big roller coaster”. They all agreed there should be a roller coaster, ”what should the roller coaster be called?” Said the second man in a concerned voice. They came up with a lot of ideas but none of then suited what they wanted. Then, out of no where ”the scenic railway.”


here is the prompt…



People say that the Magana Carta is the most important legal document ever written. Back in the day, there were a lot of great kings and queens that ruled the land, and then there was a man that was named king John. He was one of the worst kings ever and he was leader of inland from 1199 and 1216. John was the youngest male in the royal family but all his brothers died accept for one who was king for about 10 years and then he died, so John took his place. King John lost a lot of expensive wars and taxed the rich people most of their money. It got so bad that king John increased the tax 11 times. By 1215 the barrens where fed up with king John, they had a meeting with him and made him agree to all these rules. The rules had been written down on a piece of paper, known as the Magana Carta. Even though king John had signed the paper he still broke all the promises he made to the barrens and a civil war broke out. Later on king often referred to the Magana Carta and it became the British law. The Magna Carta was really important to them to realize that kings weren’t all powerful.


  1. john was the youngest in the royal family.
  2. he increased the taxes 11 times.
  3. the Magna Carta is now the British law and has some part in the Australian law



  1. why did all johns brothers die and he didn’t?
  2. why was john so mean  and harsh on the barrens?


  1. i understand why  the barrens hated king john.