100wc #12

It was a really boring day for billy and he wanted to find something to do. he was watching cartoons and he saw his favorite character flying, he wanted to fly too! he tried to fly but he couldn’t seem to get it. he looked on you tube how to fly, he asked him mum how to fly, he even asked his fish how to fly but they all didn’t know. then he had an idea  that maybe he could eat something. he ate some chips but it didn’t work. then he ate a sweet lemon and it worked! he was flying with a row of birds.

BTN #12 {Governor general}


Quentin Bryce is the first female G.G. [governor general]

Australia is a menarche with means that the queen is in charge of Australia but the queen live all the way in England so she needs a representative for her.

Peter Causgrove is our current G.G, and he has served in our Australian defense force for a long time.


I understand that being a governor general is a very hard job

I understand why we need a governor general and why they’re important


Why do they give the G.G so much power?