100WC #16


Suddenly I weak up to something loud like a bomb, I look at my sister’s bed and she is awake to. ‘’What just happened?‘’ I asked her.
‘’I don’t know’′ she said confused. I look outside and see bolts of lightning coming out of the sky. ‘’oh that’s what it was’′ I said. My dad bolts into the room and says ‘’are you OK kids?‘’ My sister and I burst out laughing because dad was only in his underwear. ‘’It was just a bit of lightning’′ I say to my dad with a smile. Dad tells us to go to sleep and I was laughing all night.

BTN #16 {Fat}


  • Aussie kids are not making the rong food choices.
  • Recent studies show, a lot of 9-10 year old are getting most of their daily energy from junk foods.
  • 9 out of ten kids in Australia are not eating enough vegetables a day.


  • I understand why everyone is concerned about Australia’s diet
  • I understand that all of us need to eat healthy to live a longer, better life.


  • What are food shops feeding Australia too make it so obese?

My goals and reflections

Semester one learning goals…

This semester I would like to get better with problem solving in maths. To do this I think I can ask people what strategies they use to solve problems and see which is best for me. The other thing that definitely needs to improve on is my reading because it if I can do this efficiently then everything will be a breeze. The last important thing that I need to work on is public speaking, I can achieve this by putting my hand up more in class and speaking confidently.

Semester one reflection…

I am very glad with what I have achieved this year with my maths. Now I can work out more problems and have I wider vocabulary of the strategies I can use. I definitely feel I have improved on reading because I find it easier to do my homework and read through texts. My public speaking is still a bit rusty, but it’s gotten because I blocked out the nervousness and focused on what I had to say. I also put my hand up so much more now even if I’m not too sure on the answer.

some of my future goals…

Next semester I really need to get more organized and clean my locker out so I can quickly get my work out of it. I would really like to get on top of my homework and not leave it to the last minute because then I can have some time to do activities outside of school. I think I want to work on my science because I’m not sure of some of the hard words and when something changes from one thing to another I still can’t tell whether it turns out to be physical or chemical.


100WC #15


It was such a nice day so I called my friend Harry ”wanna play footy at my house?” I asked.

”Nah, we can play throw six instead” he said.

”What’s throw six?”

”Come to my house and I will show you.”

I just arrived at Harry’s house and he takes me to his back yard, I see six bins. He had a scrunched up piece of paper in his hand and said ”whoever gets the most shots in wins!”

Harry throws the piece of paper but misses. Then I throw it and I score! ”I’m already better than you” I said to Harry with a smile.


here is the prompt…


BTN #15 {Endangered Animals}


  • There are more and more endangered animals in Australia and some even critically endangered.
  • Six hundred and eighty one animal are endangered and two hundred and seventeen critically endangered which is the last one before being extinct.
  • There are a list of animals who are endangered to keep people aware of the animals and plants that are who need help.


  • I understand why these animals need intense care to keep their numbers up.
  • I understand that one of the reasons why these animals are endangered is because of a loss of habitat.


  • Are humans the only reason why there animals need help?

Prepared Speech

The question I will be answering today is “What might happen if we filled footballs with helium instead of the air that we breathe”.

What exactly is helium? Well, helium is the second lightest gas. Its colourless, tasteless and odourless. Its symbol is he atomic number 2. He stands for helium and the atomic number 2 means how many protons and electrons are in the gas.

Sherrin footballs are manufactured by a company called Spalding, which is in Melbourne. They are usually made from cow hide, which is leather and then machine stitched. But often other sizes are made in India or China, using synthetic rubber.

A football weighs 450-500 grams. Helium is four times lighter than air. You CAN fill a football with helium but the helium wouldn’t stay in the ball as long as air because it would escape through the molecular spaces in the rubber.

Even though helium is four times lighter than air, the 500 gram football would only be slightly lighter if you filled it with helium. I’m sure all of you in this room have seen a helium balloon floating on the ceiling at a party. Balloons filled with helium will float, because the weight of the rubber in the balloon is less than the weight of the air it would hold.

To sum up, helium is the second lightest gas and is 4 times lighter than the air we breathe. A football weighs approximately ½ a kilogram, so if you used helium to fill a football, there would only be the slightest difference to the weight of the ball.

Thank you for listening to my speech.


I Got This Hat

We just arrived at the Melbourne show and I could tell that today was going to be the best of my life. There were such awesome rides and delicious food to fill your day with great fun. I was walking down the path to another ride when a shop on the side caught my eye. It was a spray paint place. I walked over and asked the manager if they did spray pain on your hat. They said yes. I took my plain black hat off and gave it to the man. I told his to do my name on the hat in awesome bubble writing. After about ten minuets the man called me up, I looked at the hat and joy filled my face. I wore that hat every day since.


100WC #14

I bolted home after school trying not to get wet as there were thunder storms and rain all day. I stepped inside to wipe my feet but the mat was covered by a big brown box. My mum was watching me with a smile on her face. I sneaked a look inside and saw another box a bit smaller than the first. I  keep opening the boxes waiting anxiously for something to happen. I open the last box and there is the watch that I have been waiting so long to get. It was the best birthday present i’d ever had.

BTN #14 {BMX freestyle}


  • BMX freestyle is a sport that is usually held at a skate park and is sometime held on a dirt track specifically designed for BMX riders.
  • BMX racing is already an Olympic sport and the BMX freestyle industry are hope that it will become one as well.
  • BMX stands for bicycle motor cross.


  • I understand that BMX freestyle is a really dangerous sport.
  • I understand that the professionals have to train a lot to keep their skills up.


  • who judges weather someone wins or loses in BMX freestyle?


100WC #13

I was sitting on my couch so board as I was home alone. My parents were out at a dinner party and I had nothing to do. I went to the fridge and got out the soft drink, took it over to the couch but slipped over my brothers small toy car and spilled it on the new carpet. My mother is going to kill, me I thought, so I grabbed a wet cloth and tried to rub it off but the spot just grew and grew. I was so scared as the door opened. its my mum, she said, ‘its OK mistakes happen’.