Science Experiment {Oil vs Milk}


This week in our chemistry science unit we are doing an experiment on why some liquids mix with others and some don’t. The thing we are going towards is changing one state to another.

Prediction/hypothesis: I predict that the water and milk will mix because they are the same viscosity and are made up of similar things. The oil wont mix with the water, i’m not sue why this occurs.

Aim: To observe what happens when we mix water and oil and water with milk. Find out why the outcomes happens.

Observation: Then we mixed the milk and water we observed that it was like a cloud spreading, after about 30 seconds you couldn’t tell he difference between plan milk and water mixed with milk. The oil and the water did mix.

Discussion/Explanation: When we added the milk to the water it just looked like milk, half of milk is water and the other half is fat so the water mixed in with the fat and just looked like milk. Then when we pour the oil into the water and found out that it is impossible or the two to mix because the oil molecule are more attached o each other than water molecule. It says on top because because it is less dense than water.

Conclusion: To sum up the milk mixes but the oil doesn’t simply because oil molecule are more attracted  to each other than water molecule. Because milk is half fat if you apply heat it will Evaporate all the water and leave the fat behind. Then if you put more Heat the fat will burn.

Key: click the blue word to see their definition.


Click here if you want to read my method and materials.

A beaker filled with water to which oil has been added, demonstrating insolubility of oil in water.

100WC #20

I walk in my old house and think of the memories I’ve had over the years. there was the statue of the bird where I saved it from a fire. There was a statue of my uncle Joe, he was my favorite uncle. But the best one of all was my best friend Sam. He past away a few years ago and I never ever regret anything about him. I have a quiet moment just thinking about what we have done together and give my best wishes to him. I really did love him.


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BTN {Animal Testing} #20


  • An estimated 250,000,000 billion dollars are spent on pasts, gels and spays that make your face and body prettier.
  • But before any products hit the shelves, company’s have to make they are safe to use. This is where animals testing comes in, animals have to be tested to see if the products work.
  • Animal testing is actually legal in 80 % of the world, even Australia. But Australian made beauty product have a sign that says NO ANIMALS TESTED in the package.


  • I understand that animals have to be tested and not humans so they don’t get hurt or scared
  • I understand why people would like animals being torched so their products are safe.


  • What would be the outcome if we banned all animals from being tested and just use other things?

Narrative {Red Door}

My sister and I were sitting on the couch puzzled as we didn’t know what to do. Our mum had been gone for ten years now and all she left was this note. It said the address of where she moved to but it was on the other side of the city.

Our dad had gone over seas for a job and we were at home for the weekend. ‘’It is time we find our mother’’ I said to my sister in a firm voice. I packed my bag for a long journey through the city and headed off. My sister was younger than me so I had to take care of her. We walk through the dirty streets of the city and breathe in the disgusting pollution. We see some strange people and some familiar faces.

I’m not exactly sure were we have to go find my mother but I won’t stop until I see her. Finally we past the last building and head into the country. ‘’We must have walked one million miles by now’’ my sister said in a sluggish voice. We enter a small town and are looking for Evens Street. ‘’Yes we found it!’’ I was so happy that we finally found the house.

We step up on the deck and find a huge red door and give it a big knock. I hear footsteps coming down the hallway. I see a man, a disappointed look comes to my face. In hope I ask if there is a women inside. He says no but also says that there is a woman by the name of Linda that has gone out for lunch.    ‘’Who are you? And why do you need her? He says.

‘’My name is Kegan and I can’t tell you why I need her’’

‘’Ok then, she is at pizza hut on James road’’

I thank the man and walk off quite surprised that he gave me the information of where my mum was.

We walk into the restaurant and there is only one person there. ‘’That must be her’’ my sister says. We walk over to her, our eyes meet and they are exactly the same colour. I can tell by the look on her face that she knows me. ‘’Kegan’’ she says with a confused voice. ‘’I’ve been looking for you for years now’’

‘’Why did you leave me?’’

‘’I didn’t leave you, your farther took you from me’’

My heart sank, I knew there was something up with him when he never talks to us and doesn’t tuck us in bed. He’s evil. We start walking back to her house asking each other questions when we run into my dad. My mum confronts him and tells him what a bad person he is for keeping us from her for years. My dad storm off and I’m not what’s going on, then my mum walks over and guides us to her house. All she says to us is that we won’t be seeing my dad for a long time. I was upset but happy at the same time because our dad never really cared about us so I can start a fresh life with my mum and hope for the best.

Later that night our mum makes us a warm hot chocolate by the fire and then tucks us into bed. ‘’Sweet dreams’’ she says. And sure enough that’s exactly what I do.



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100WC #19

as the flame flickered and then went out it just made the situation worse and my heart races faster and faster. I’m on the floor looking around me, making sure nothing pops out of the dark. I hear the floor squeaking like something is coming towards me, wind fills the air outside and a bolt lightning shines through the house and I see a man in the corner but only for a split second as the lightning goes away. Another strike of lightning comes and I see the man about ten meters closer. I make my escape but don’t know where the man will be next…

BTN {Dory In Danger} #19


  • Finding Nemo was a really popular movie and was about a fish trying to escape captivity but it actually inspired more people to have a clown fish as a pet.
  • Scientists say that after finding nemo was made about million clown fish were taken from the wild.
  • the new movie finding dory is also said to be to a threat to blue tanks if it gets as popular as finding nemo


  •  I understand the danger that blue tank might be in.
  • I understand that if we keep taking tropical fish it is a threat to their species


  • If they knew the dangers that will happen to the fish then why did they make a second movie?

100WC #18

I was waiting anxiously for my brother to get his pyjamas on so we could watch the new year’s eve fireworks from the balcony. The whole family sat in silence we heard an explosion in the sky, instead of seeing the orange glow of fireworks, we saw a bolt of lightning flash across the sky. Then it starts raining down hard and there are huge puddles on the ground, It’s almost like we could of swam in them. We all got a big scare when we hear the thunder. My mum suggests to get the umbrella but we all say it will just ruin the moment.

BTN {Tree Day} #18


  • Trees are a really important thing in our world, without them, non of us would be here.
  • Unlike us, trees breathe in carbon dioxide and breathe out oxygen.
  • Less carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is one way of slowing down climate change.


  • I understand that trees are really important and are home for some animals.
  • I understand that it is a big danger if we keep chopping down trees.


  • What would the world look like if we didn’t have any trees or plants.

100WC #17

”Yes” I made it to the last level in Mario bro’s but it was just impossible to get through it. I step on a platform and it teleports me to another. All I see is a staircase and there is no where else to go but up. Is this it? did I win? I ask myself. it seems like it taking forever but I take my final step. I see two words, YOU WIN. ”Yeah” I won and got all three giant star coins. Four hours of hard work gets a reward.

BTN {free range eggs} #17


  • Farmers have to follow certain rules to label their eggs as free range.
  • Some farms have 1500 chickens per hectare and some have 15000 in the same space.
  • The rules have now changed, farmers are only allowed 10000 chickens per hectare.


  • I now understand that farmers have to inform the buyers of how much space their chickens have to roam around by printing it in the carton the eggs are sold in.
  • I understand why people like to eat free range eggs.


  • I wonder how the chickens would feel if they were not free range?