BTN {Youngest Olympian}

Gaurika is a 13 year old girl who lives in Nepal, and is the youngest person ever, to compete in the Olympics. The event she does is swimming and just a few weeks ago she got a feel of what it was like to be in an Olympic race. Her dream is to win a medal some day and she also wants to qualify for the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo.

More than ten years ago Gaurika moved to England and train but today she earned the right to represent nepal in Rio. Having trained so hard and worked to her full ability, if she keeps it up she has a huge of winning a medal or even getting to the top.

I was wondering, is there an age limit for being in the Olympics? if not then before you know it, there will be as 10 year old Olympian.

How To Go Down The Slide At Questacon Without Being Nervous {camp response🚌}

Have you ever been scared to go down the slide at Questacon? If you have, then today your in luck.

I just hate when your nervous about something on Monday but the thing your nervous about is on Friday! First step, before you go to Questacon remember to bring a raspberry, don’t ask why just bring one. So your in Questacon and your friends come up to you and say ”Oi, are you going on the huge slide?” Even if your hart is pumping faster than ever you say ”yeah Jimmy i’m going on”

Finally the class walks into the room and you get a good look at the slide. Your head drops of you head. strait away you tell yourself ”i’m not doing this.” On one hand it’s very scary, but on the other hand if you don’t do it then you’ll regret it for the rest of you life. You have a choice to go to the back of the line or the front of the line to go down the slide, what do you chose? Yes! If you want to be the most brave you to go to the front.

Then the moment of truth. Before you hang from the bars you need to clap seven times exactly. Lower yourself down on bar, by this point your are probably squirming all over the place. There is no way out and this is the time you eat the raspberry. It will make it all better and you can you down the slide with confidence. But what ever you do, don’t eat more that one raspberry…



100WC {Special Writing Prompt} #1

He stumbled into his tent and onto his ice cold sleeping bag. Alone and frighted, he lies in his sleeping bag and blocks out all the explosions. A fourteen year old shouldn’t have to go through this, he was the youngest person EVER to fight in war. Bits of shrapnel flew everywhere and made his tent weaker. The boy fell asleep and the next morning he woke up to the beautiful sunshine. Its hard to imagine that in about an hour this whole place will be filled with dark clouds. When  the boy heard the trumpet sound  he decided to pack up his purple tent and retreat.

BTN {Earthquake New Zealand}

An earthquake starts by two tectonic plates in the earths rubbing together. Some tectonic plates nearly outline the pacific ocean, also known as the ring of fire. They call it the ring of fire because that’s where most volcano eruptions happen. New Zealand have recently been hit by a major earthquake in Christchurch, the capital city of the south island. The earthquake measured up to 6.3. This earthquake wasn’t actually bigger that the one last year with a result of 7.1 but did more damage. This is because the 6.3 earthquake was only five kilometers deep in the earths crust. but the 7.1 earthquake was further down so it didn’t do as much damage. So why dose new Zealand suffer from so many earthquakes? Well, this is because of the pacific plate rubbing against the Australian plate. Even though tectonic plates only move a center meter each year they can still collide a and destroy buildings.

100WC #25

The captain of the plane was so good I didn’t even know we landed! ”yes we are finally here” I screamed. We hired a car and drove to our apartment. The view from the 37th floor was amazing and the rooms where spotless. We unpacked our bags and ventured into the city. The next morning I got up early for a swim and then we got ready for a big day at the theme parks. After the fun was over we had to say goodbye, I will miss this place.