Ancient Study Of Astronomy

This video was about the people and their discoveries of ancient astronomy. The ancient Greeks, Babylonian’s, and the Maya’s all play a part in today’s astronomy. Long ago, the people in Babylon were very fascinated in astronomy and had a lot of knowledge about it, they had a system of recording mass of volumes on astronomical observations from which they created mathematical models, mathematical models that created calendars could then be use to time important dates in Babylon. It sounds complicated but they know what they are doing. Like the Babylonian’s, the Maya’s where also just as interested in astronomy. They created something known as the Mayan long count calendar which is a very sophisticated and a base 20 number system. They used their knowledge of the calendar to know when events happen like an eclipse or a war. There was one man in ancient Greece who developed the Ptolemaic system. this model showed that earth is in the center of the universe but today it had been proven wrong. Another man has done research on the earths axis and how it spins, man people believe was the best astronomer in the ancient times.

Here is the video on ancient astronomy!


Team 4 science unit goals {cosmic discovery}

I want to investigate the different theory’s on how the universe started, many people say the black whole theory is how the universe started but other people think otherwise because it is still a theory and since we have no exact knowledge about it because it happened so long ago it’s hard to get a precise answer.


I would definitely like to know more about our galaxy and how it works, some of the questions I have are, how hot can the core of the sun get? What are the distances between the different planets in our galaxy? And the last one is how fast does the earth orbit around the sun?


An important factor is recording and processing. I need some work on organizing information that i need so i can refer back to it.