coding Reflection

Today we had a lesson on coding and everyone learnt a lot about how games, apps, websites and more can be programed or coded to do something. When someone is creating an app they have to program it. For example, flappy bird is programed to die after it hits the ground or pipes. We also learnt how to debug, a bug is something that goes wrong in the system of programing. So debugging is when you have a bug and you fix it so the program runs smoothly.


What do you want to learn more about coding?

I do know that coding will be a big part in my future and I might use it quite a bit to make my life more efficient. I think something I’d like to focus on is how a bracket can go into another set of brackets which is confusing to me.

What Excites or confuses you about coding?

I’m excited because now I can code one of my uncle’s robots and will have a lot of knowledge to entertain me.

How can we improve learning about coding at Moonee ponds primary?

I think that the coding session went pretty smoothly but one thing you can work on to make it easier is to spread out each section of how to code and program into equal time. For example, today we spent a lot of time on programing and not a lot of time talking about how brackets inside of brackets work.