Dear Senada,Image result for TORQUAY BEACH

My name is Ollie and you were my teacher in year one. You probably remember me as the trouble maker which I can understand. Just like you I have changed quite a bit too. I now have a pet bearded dragon and I play for a footy team, Strathmore fc. Sadly I haven’t traveled as much as you but my holidays were still great.

I have a caravan with an annex in Torquay. I absolutely love it there because the beach is only about 100 meters away from where we stay. Everything is walking distance like the shops, the ice cream store and lots of great places for thing to do. Then to top it all off there is a jumping pillow in the caravan park and I love going on it because my favorite thing to do is flips. My hobbies are to scoot, surf and off course flipping.

I am very excited to be in you class mostly because we are doing crazy cash. Here is a photo of Torquay beach. ⤴



Safer Internet Day

Today it’s safer internet day, most schools around Victoria meet on a chat to talk about how to be safer on the internet. The host asks us all sorts of questions about social media, then we answer the questions in the chat.

Some of the questions that were asked were, have you ever been approached by someone on the internet? What types of social media do you have? Who are your trusted adults?

The group chat was also good because it tough people how to not be stupid when online.