Desert Adaptations Goal reflection


Our topic for term 2 is animal adaptations. An animal adaptation is something that changes over the years to help the animal survive. Near the end of the term everyone got an animal to research on with their partner, our animal was the thorny devil and my partner was Byron. I think Byron and I worked well together and we definitely learnt something new about the thorny devil. Some of thing we had to complete for the presentation was a PowerPoint, a Diorama, diagram and a science experiment to prove one of the animal’s adaptations.


Here are some facts I found most interesting about the thorny devil.


  • The thorny devil absorbs moisture through its skin and that how they hydrates in such hot weather.
  • These reptiles have a fake head at the back of their shoulders to confuse the predator on what’s what and when threatened they put their real head between their front legs to showcase the fake one.
  • Thorny devils can eat up to 3000 ants a day


  • I understand that thorny devils have more predators than they do prey. They can be hunted by foxes, brown falcons and snakes.
  • I understand that not much research has been done on the thorny devil because they are hard to find and capture.


  • I wonder why thorny devils change colour.

What Was The Most Important Thing?

To me the most important thing I learnt was that you should always be checking with your partner and where there up to. I felt like Byron and I could have gotten though all the work more efficiently if we worked side by side and did one thing at a time together.

How Did I learn it?

Byron and I did quite well in getting the information. Usually I would be busy doing one thing while Byron was busy doing the other. As this was a good method to get thing done I feel that if we did one thing at a time together we would have more out of our time.

What Am I Going To Do With What I Have Learnt?

It’s great to have knowledge about animals But I don’t think that when I’m older I’m going to be interviewing a job about thorny devils. The knowledge I will take out of this presentation is teamwork and having a go. Even if you really stage fright, just have a go and people will appreciate you for that.


Overall I think this project was a great experience and our presentation was phenomenal! I defiantly think everyone is year 5/6 put all their effort into these projects I cant wait until the next one comes round.