Loud and upbeat right on my feet, the atmospheres lit out on the street.

The sound of the music, the smell of the food, everyone dancing and in a good mood.

Australia’s a great , so don’t screw up your face, and remember don’t go dancing without doing up your lace.


”The plane is about to take off!” Yelled the kid in the row behind us. I’m so exited to see what Sydney is like. after a long trip of listening to music and hearing the kid cry about why he didn’t get the window side we finally arrived. As we got off the plane it was hot, compared to Melbourne it was like a desert. once we got in our taxi I was going crazy. I had never seen the opera house in person, we get out the taxi and bang we are there. it was so amazing to see it for the first time and it was only the start of the trip.

poem about me

I am the footballer who loves the game

I am the baller who lost the grand final

I am the brother who annoys his sister

I am the son who plays footy with his dad

I am the Australian that is as Aussie as you could get

I am Ollie