100WC #20

I walk in my old house and think of the memories I’ve had over the years. there was the statue of the bird where I saved it from a fire. There was a statue of my uncle Joe, he was my favorite uncle. But the best one of all was my best friend Sam. He past away a few years ago and I never ever regret anything about him. I have a quiet moment just thinking about what we have done together and give my best wishes to him. I really did love him.


here is the prompt…


100WC #19

as the flame flickered and then went out it just made the situation worse and my heart races faster and faster. I’m on the floor looking around me, making sure nothing pops out of the dark. I hear the floor squeaking like something is coming towards me, wind fills the air outside and a bolt lightning shines through the house and I see a man in the corner but only for a split second as the lightning goes away. Another strike of lightning comes and I see the man about ten meters closer. I make my escape but don’t know where the man will be next…

100WC #18

I was waiting anxiously for my brother to get his pyjamas on so we could watch the new year’s eve fireworks from the balcony. The whole family sat in silence we heard an explosion in the sky, instead of seeing the orange glow of fireworks, we saw a bolt of lightning flash across the sky. Then it starts raining down hard and there are huge puddles on the ground, It’s almost like we could of swam in them. We all got a big scare when we hear the thunder. My mum suggests to get the umbrella but we all say it will just ruin the moment.

100WC #17

”Yes” I made it to the last level in Mario bro’s but it was just impossible to get through it. I step on a platform and it teleports me to another. All I see is a staircase and there is no where else to go but up. Is this it? did I win? I ask myself. it seems like it taking forever but I take my final step. I see two words, YOU WIN. ”Yeah” I won and got all three giant star coins. Four hours of hard work gets a reward.

100WC #16


Suddenly I weak up to something loud like a bomb, I look at my sister’s bed and she is awake to. ‘’What just happened?‘’ I asked her.
‘’I don’t know’′ she said confused. I look outside and see bolts of lightning coming out of the sky. ‘’oh that’s what it was’′ I said. My dad bolts into the room and says ‘’are you OK kids?‘’ My sister and I burst out laughing because dad was only in his underwear. ‘’It was just a bit of lightning’′ I say to my dad with a smile. Dad tells us to go to sleep and I was laughing all night.

100WC #15


It was such a nice day so I called my friend Harry ”wanna play footy at my house?” I asked.

”Nah, we can play throw six instead” he said.

”What’s throw six?”

”Come to my house and I will show you.”

I just arrived at Harry’s house and he takes me to his back yard, I see six bins. He had a scrunched up piece of paper in his hand and said ”whoever gets the most shots in wins!”

Harry throws the piece of paper but misses. Then I throw it and I score! ”I’m already better than you” I said to Harry with a smile.


here is the prompt…


100WC #14

I bolted home after school trying not to get wet as there were thunder storms and rain all day. I stepped inside to wipe my feet but the mat was covered by a big brown box. My mum was watching me with a smile on her face. I sneaked a look inside and saw another box a bit smaller than the first. I  keep opening the boxes waiting anxiously for something to happen. I open the last box and there is the watch that I have been waiting so long to get. It was the best birthday present i’d ever had.

100WC #13

I was sitting on my couch so board as I was home alone. My parents were out at a dinner party and I had nothing to do. I went to the fridge and got out the soft drink, took it over to the couch but slipped over my brothers small toy car and spilled it on the new carpet. My mother is going to kill, me I thought, so I grabbed a wet cloth and tried to rub it off but the spot just grew and grew. I was so scared as the door opened. its my mum, she said, ‘its OK mistakes happen’.

100wc #12

It was a really boring day for billy and he wanted to find something to do. he was watching cartoons and he saw his favorite character flying, he wanted to fly too! he tried to fly but he couldn’t seem to get it. he looked on you tube how to fly, he asked him mum how to fly, he even asked his fish how to fly but they all didn’t know. then he had an idea  that maybe he could eat something. he ate some chips but it didn’t work. then he ate a sweet lemon and it worked! he was flying with a row of birds.

100wc #11

When the connection broke we were all in shock as we were on the the last carriage on the train. The carriage skidded on the track making a lot of sparks, then after the the carriage came to a stop we decided to out for help. But then we realized that if one person got off then all the other people would die because they were right on the edge of a cliff. They had a plan that if they all jumped at the same time the carriage would fall with nobody in it. and that what they did with no one getting hurt.