little Ania

Prediction: I predict that little Ania will be about a girl called Ania that lives in a big family and doesn’t get treated well.

Questions: Why was little Ania different? Why is her mum mean to her when they can relate well?

Infer: I infer that the man will help her be comfortable with what she wants?

Connection: my sister in different so I can relate to little Ania.

Feel: I feel like the story was very engaging and during when I was reading I felt sorry for her.

Evaluate: the story shows that everyone is different and informs people that you should be yourself and its ok to be different.

Desert Adaptations Goal reflection


Our topic for term 2 is animal adaptations. An animal adaptation is something that changes over the years to help the animal survive. Near the end of the term everyone got an animal to research on with their partner, our animal was the thorny devil and my partner was Byron. I think Byron and I worked well together and we definitely learnt something new about the thorny devil. Some of thing we had to complete for the presentation was a PowerPoint, a Diorama, diagram and a science experiment to prove one of the animal’s adaptations.


Here are some facts I found most interesting about the thorny devil.


  • The thorny devil absorbs moisture through its skin and that how they hydrates in such hot weather.
  • These reptiles have a fake head at the back of their shoulders to confuse the predator on what’s what and when threatened they put their real head between their front legs to showcase the fake one.
  • Thorny devils can eat up to 3000 ants a day


  • I understand that thorny devils have more predators than they do prey. They can be hunted by foxes, brown falcons and snakes.
  • I understand that not much research has been done on the thorny devil because they are hard to find and capture.


  • I wonder why thorny devils change colour.

What Was The Most Important Thing?

To me the most important thing I learnt was that you should always be checking with your partner and where there up to. I felt like Byron and I could have gotten though all the work more efficiently if we worked side by side and did one thing at a time together.

How Did I learn it?

Byron and I did quite well in getting the information. Usually I would be busy doing one thing while Byron was busy doing the other. As this was a good method to get thing done I feel that if we did one thing at a time together we would have more out of our time.

What Am I Going To Do With What I Have Learnt?

It’s great to have knowledge about animals But I don’t think that when I’m older I’m going to be interviewing a job about thorny devils. The knowledge I will take out of this presentation is teamwork and having a go. Even if you really stage fright, just have a go and people will appreciate you for that.


Overall I think this project was a great experience and our presentation was phenomenal! I defiantly think everyone is year 5/6 put all their effort into these projects I cant wait until the next one comes round.

100 wc #3

The crocodile has his mouth wide open and is staring straight at me, he doesn’t know what to eat, the piece of meat in my hand, or the big mass of flesh in a bright orange suit. The crocodile slowly crawls to wards me and I feel like I’m going to collapse, he is only within three meters away from me and I can feel my heart pound against my chest. I throw the piece of meat out in front of me and slowly back away to the exit. I’m finally out of the crocodile’s enclosure and say to myself ”I should have been an accountant.”

BTN [Donating Blood]

Donating blood is very important in Australian society and just one donation can save up to 3 lives. When donating blood you can chose to donate plasma, platelets or the whole thing. If you chose to donate one part, the machine will take the blood out of your body, then takes the substance that you are donating and puts the rest back into your body. Once they have your blood they take it to factories and do tests on it to see if its at standard to help other people and not spread diseases. Most of the blood people donate goes to people with cancer or blood problems. 18 percent goes to people who needs surgery, and only 2 percent goes to people who have been in road accidents. you can also download an app to tell you when and where your blood has been used around Australia. I understand that donating blood can save up to 3 lives and you can donate regularly. I also know that most of the blood donated goes to people who have cancer or blood problems. How regularly does your body reproduce blood so you can donate it again?

























100 WC #7

”Toby, wake up and eat your dinner, the planes about to land in hour.” I get up out of my seat with eyes still half closed,and see some food out in front of me, i cant make out what it is until i fully open my eyes, its Brussels sprouts and caviar, the worst food you could ever imagine. i put one little piece of caviar in my mouth i felt like i was gonna be sick. ” Is there anything else i can eat?”i said to my mum. ”no u will just have to deal with it” my mum said.

100 wc #6

It was cold and miserable outside,there was nothing to do, nowhere to go, just sit down and be bored. Usually when i’m bored my mum tells me to go outside, but not today. After a solid ten minutes of staring at the ball I hear my phone ring. It was max, at first I was exited but he’s probably just gonna tell me about how boring his day has been. i was wrong, he just said he got a new ps4 and said that i could come over and play it. its not the best day of my life, but its gonna turn pretty good.

100wc #5

”I hear something behind the wall” Billy said to johnny. ”Wow I hear it too, but what could be behind there?” Billy knocks on the wall to see if anyone is behind it. ”OMG my hand went straight through Johnny!” ”Put your head through and see what it is.” ”I’m not gonna risk my head just to see whats behind a stupid wall, you do it” ”Ok but if I die its your fault… wow you gotta see this, put your head through its amazing”  ” Lets go explore the rest of it !”

here is the prompt…

100 wc #3

”Oh my god Ollie,” said my best friend Ty. ”That looks pretty smashed up, i’ll go get the super glue and maybe we can try put it back together” I was just about to take a photo of Ty’s beautiful puppy named Roxy. She has a shinny brown coat, and a bright green collar. As I grabbed my camera it slipped out of my hands, onto the hard concrete floor. I was so worried My mum is going to kill me I thought to myself as I picked up the broken pieces of the lens.

BTN #3 Federation

It was only 116 years ago that Australia became a whole county. A lot of people were debating it because they thought that new south wales and Victoria would have all the power because they had they most population in their states. the reason why they wanted to join to make one whole country is because they be stronger if all their army joint together and because trading would be a lot more effective. when each state ran as their own you couldn’t even take a train from Victoria to Brisbane because the train tracks were different sizes. I understand why all the states formed together to make a stronger community. Why were the aboriginals so left out, were they a threat to the British?


Red= Recall

Blue= Understanding

green= Question