Team 4 science unit goals {cosmic discovery}

I want to investigate the different theory’s on how the universe started, many people say the black whole theory is how the universe started but other people think otherwise because it is still a theory and since we have no exact knowledge about it because it happened so long ago it’s hard to get a precise answer.


I would definitely like to know more about our galaxy and how it works, some of the questions I have are, how hot can the core of the sun get? What are the distances between the different planets in our galaxy? And the last one is how fast does the earth orbit around the sun?


An important factor is recording and processing. I need some work on organizing information that i need so i can refer back to it.

Science Experiment {Oil vs Milk}


This week in our chemistry science unit we are doing an experiment on why some liquids mix with others and some don’t. The thing we are going towards is changing one state to another.

Prediction/hypothesis: I predict that the water and milk will mix because they are the same viscosity and are made up of similar things. The oil wont mix with the water, i’m not sue why this occurs.

Aim: To observe what happens when we mix water and oil and water with milk. Find out why the outcomes happens.

Observation: Then we mixed the milk and water we observed that it was like a cloud spreading, after about 30 seconds you couldn’t tell he difference between plan milk and water mixed with milk. The oil and the water did mix.

Discussion/Explanation: When we added the milk to the water it just looked like milk, half of milk is water and the other half is fat so the water mixed in with the fat and just looked like milk. Then when we pour the oil into the water and found out that it is impossible or the two to mix because the oil molecule are more attached o each other than water molecule. It says on top because because it is less dense than water.

Conclusion: To sum up the milk mixes but the oil doesn’t simply because oil molecule are more attracted  to each other than water molecule. Because milk is half fat if you apply heat it will Evaporate all the water and leave the fat behind. Then if you put more Heat the fat will burn.

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A beaker filled with water to which oil has been added, demonstrating insolubility of oil in water.